Corporate Value

Our philosophy … “Doing the best”

… this concept leads and motivates us to go further. We believe this is the key for long term partnership with our clients

Tools have been used over millions of years by human beings. It helps us to achieve goals efficiently and easily.

In modern days, tools are closely related with quality, design, and technology. We aim at improving the quality of life by providing a pleasent user experience when they use our tools.


Our Philosophy

We care about our clients, the relationship with clients beyond simply business but mutual understanding and partnership. Our team strike for win-win strategy to all partners and ultimately all consumers.

“Doing the best” guides us everything. From initial contact with potential clients, to product design, manufacturing and after sales service, all of our members pursue the best and go beyond the field. This concept developed Saicome’s unique corporate culture.


Our Promise

We promise all of our clients – to bring them what they need with the best knowledge and technology.

With over 2 decades in tools industry, we have been keeping the leading position in the field by customer supports, our long history, technology, experience, and expertise …