Research & Development

From enquiry to after sales service…

…..Hong Kong Head Quarter keep close monitoring to ensure products and service are at high quality level.

Reliability and power is the basic of Power Tools. By strong foundation in product solution, Saicome integrates different resources internally and externally. We have combined function, ergonomic, and design in our products. We also strengthen our team in various fields to open up more markets.


BLDC have been introduced to tool industry which enable works to be much more precise and long lasting. With high capacity battery packs and compact gear box, products have been much more long lasting, with longer running time but less space is needed.

Our Effort

We have concentrated in Li-ion Battery Protection System, with over hundred solutions we keep improving battery life and running time with integration in expanding product functions.

Our vision

Technologies have made tools more function, easier to use, and more professional. Brushless Motor (BLDC), Io T, long lasting Li-ion batteries, etc enable us to go further.