SAICOME established in 1990 as one of the earliest Power Tool Manufacturers in East Asia. By innovative design and product reliability, Saicome have become a well know manufacturer for Power Tools, Garden Tools and Rotary Tools in the world.






Made In Hong Kong

Set up in-house assembly line in Hong Kong, with Engineering Department and QC Department, we assembled 1,500pcs Cordless (DC) Power Tools per day to Europe and US markets. In order to meet to the high demand by clients, factory in Dongguan China started the operation since 1995 and increased daily production quantity from 1,500pcs to 6,000pcs. We have also introduced Cordless (DC) Garden Tool product line which is one of the pioneers in the world.


2000-2014 Onwards

Professionalize Period

We improve quality by vertical development. Equipped with more production equipment and concentrate in gearbox and charger development, product quality and order lead time is significantly improved. More tools range including Vacuum Cleaners, Window Cleaners, Flower Cleaners etc have been developed. By introducing Li-ion technology to the Tools industry, we have developed the Battery Management System (BMS) since 2009 to ensure tools are getting more powerful, reliable and safe. Product ranges expand to Pet products and professional rotary tools. Apart from DIY and Professional Range, Saicome also support “Startup” with product solution and mass production service.